HDMI AOC Fiber Cable 20m(英)

4K60 18G - HDR BT2020

support ARC/eARC

NT$ 5,980

HDMI2.0b Level A Cables Tested and Confirmed for 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz

📷Tested from Shield to Integral TOP IN.
📷Guaranteed to work in any setup at 600MHz.
📷2 meters / 6 feet in lenght
📷Perfect match for Integral and any 600MHz setup.
📷No packaging as each cable is manually tested and confirmed by our staff on tricky source.


Name : HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cable

Model No. : hdf-fiber20

Resolution : 4K@60Hz (downward compatible)

Bandwidth : 18Gbps

Chip : Imported photoelectric conversion chip

Color space : 4:4:4 Max

Color depth : 12 bit Max

Type : Male - Male

Core : 4-core fiber + 7-core tinned copper

Outer diameter : 5.2mm

Shell : Zinc alloy

Jacket : PVC RoHS Directive-compiant

Power supply : No external power supply required, plug and play

Support : HDCP 2.2/HDR10/EDID/CEC/DDC/ARC/3D

Power consumption : 250mW

Voltage/Current : 5V/50mA

Working temperature : -40℃~70℃


1. Compatible with all HDMI Standard devices.

2. Compliant with HDMI 2.0 version specification.

3. Four-core optical fiber transmits TMDS signals, Seven-core tinned copper transmits signaling protocol. Anti-electromagnetic interference, No attenuation.

4. Support long transmission distance, the longest over 150 meters.

5.Photoeletric conversion chip to improve compatibility, stability and service life.

6. Plug and play, no need external power support, no drivers program required.

7. Zinc alloy shell Anti-electromagnetic interference incease wear resistance and improve service life.

8. Compact zinc alloy shape, more suitable for pipe wiring.