Diva 000 - Xbox Series X with HDFury DIVA (Vertex2) for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

利用HDFury DIVA(Vertex2) 讓 4K HDR電視也能看到Dolby Vision 另外利用DIVA (Vertex2) 的影音分離功能讓音響最高支援至Dolby Atmos不怕音響不支援Dolby Vision.

Diva 000 - HDFury Diva 設定支援2K SDR輸出及杜比視界轉HDR

Use HDFury DIVA setup 2K SDR output and LLDV to HDR

Diva 000 - Logitech Harmony with HDFury DIVA create the activity demo

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA 或 vertex2 設定,讓舊4K HDR電視也能播dolby vision杜比視界

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA android APP demo

also the HDFury TX Vertex2 have similar APP operate method

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA video showing one TV playing 1080p HDR and other playing 1080p SDR

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA control via logitech Harmony by IR

Diva 000 - Diva android APP demo

use Amazon fire TV for major video source

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA android APP demo

can download from google store find "HDFURY DIVA"

its make DIVA user no need open web to select. use app is more easy to select input channel and ambient led operate

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA ambient LED strip install manual (1pcs Single LED)

Its for basic single led strip demo video

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA ambient 2 * single LED strip install manual (2pcs single LED)

Its teach how to use usb splitter for install 2pcs diva led strip

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA ambient double LED install manual (1pcs dobble LED)

This LED strip is single pcb with per dot have 2 LED for can enhance bright effect with double compare single LED

Diva 000 - HDFury Diva 2 led strip install manual

Diva 000 - How to update HDFury DIVA firmware and FPGA

Diva 000 - HDFury Diva and Vertex2 unbox

Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA input camera signal can effect the ambient lighting

It’s offer a idea for camera video to lighting



Diva 000 - HDFury DIVA work with SONY X950G eARC mode

The DIVA can auto detect eARC audio than covert dd+ to our very old amplifier